#3 Notes from ISTE, 2014

Since the next couple of posts from my experience at ISTE will be on the nerdy side, I thought I would include this short post just for fun.


I should say that I am an observer of people. I minored in anthropology as an undergrad and I have never shaken my fascination with human behavior. I knew before arriving in Atlanta people would have various motives for attending the conference. For some there would be a genuine interest to learn more about innovations in educational technology. For others it would be a chance to get out of town and spend time with friends and colleagues. For some it would be a professional obligation, and still for others it would be a quest to acquire as many freebies as humanly possible from the vendors. I also discovered, as I rode on the shuttle bus that first day, that the goal of some was to single out and photograph individuals that met their pre selected criteria for that day. On this first day for example, their challenge was to find people that were overdressed for the conference. Although probably not the best use of their time and technology, the game sounded interesting, if not a little disturbing. I’m still not sure if they took my picture as I got off the bus…



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